About Gigafast

Gigafast Investment is a wholly owned subsidiary of XinXin Investment. The company was founded in September 2009 and is headquartered in Xiamen, China. The branch office in Vancouver, British Columbia, has been in operation since 2015. 

Assets under management have achieved a stable annualized growth of 36% since the firm’s inception in 2009. The investment team is comprised of 20 investment analysts located in both offices. The Chief Fund Officer has over 20 years of experience as an investor, entrepreneur, and leader. 

We pride ourselves on a thorough understanding of humility and ethics in portfolio management. Our intention is to build and hold our investments intergenerationally to create a lasting impact on the lives of our partners, our employees, our families, and our community.​

What Sets Gigafast Apart?

Equity Investment

The team specializes in China’s A-share market across different sectors and seeks to generate sustainable excess return. The team primarily applies a bottom-up investment process to pinpoint industry leaders that can compete locally, regionally and globally.

Secondary Public Offering

We are an active participant in private placements. We strategically look at public companies in China that issue new shares for their business. SEO is less liquid, but it offers shares at a discount to the public market price. The shortened holding period allows us to sell earlier and participate in the next investment opportunity, which maximizes our capital efficiency.

The team employs an open research approach that adds technology concepts and external inputs to traditional financial research, creating a more transparent and interdisciplinary investment process.

Empirical evidence shows that performance fee contracts do not improve fund performance. We do not charge performance fee from our managed assets because we pride ourselves on the trust we receive from our clients, and our goal is to create a lasting impact on the lives of others. We aligned our interest with our clients and have significant capital invested alongside our investors.

Investment Process

Top-Down Research to define the investment universe and evaluate the opportunity​

Bottom-Up Analysis to refine the opportunity, identify companies, and manage portfolios​

Identify Unicorn Companies

Identify Unicorn Companies

Identify The Potential Universe

Sizing The Opportunity

Stock Selection and Valuation

Make Evidence-Based, Data-Driven Decision

Portfolio And Risk Management

Adjust For Changes in Conviction and Trade Around Market Volatility

Meet Our Team

Learn more about the members of our key decision bodies — the Executive, Investment, Operating, and Commercial & Business Strategy Committees — who shape our business in pursuit of long-term value for our clients.

Weisong Guo

Chief Investment Officer

guiyue Zhou

Director Secretary

Di Bei

Investment Analyst

Nova Zhao

Investment Analyst

Rachel Zhang

Investment Analyst

Thomas Zhang

Investment Analyst

Rebecca Du

Investment Analyst

Jonathan Au

Investment Analyst

Company Culture


The culture of charity

Since 2013, we have committed to making annual pension payments and donations to nursing homes and universities. We consider our annual contributions to charitable work to be one of the indicators of our performance. Our most recent donation to the Xiamen University Education Development Foundation amounted to ¥20 million.


People and Team Oriented

Gigafast’s competitive edge is our pioneering workplace culture that relies on truthful and transparent communication to ensure the best ideas win out. We promote diversity because it is essential to our ability to think differently. We cultivate inclusion because we believe people do their best work when they can be their genuine selves.


Relaxed and Productive Environment​

Our office is a house located in the quiet Steveston neighbourhood in Richmond. We think this space is ideal for open communication and discussion, yet provides separate spaces for quiet independent thinking. Our work environment allows great work-life balance. Having tea around the table while sharing our thoughts on the daily news is an important part of our day. If you need to take a power nap during your lunch break, there are bedrooms on the second floor. The kitchen is also available to heat your lunch or prepare a simple light meal when needed.