The culture of charity

Since 2013, we have committed to making annual pension payments and donations to nursing homes and universities. We consider our annual contributions to charitable work to be one of the indicators of our performance. Our most recent donation to the Xiamen University Education Development Foundation amounted to ¥20 million.

People and Team Oriented

Gigafast’s competitive edge is our pioneering workplace culture that relies on truthful and transparent communication to ensure the best ideas win out. We promote diversity because it is essential to our ability to think differently. We cultivate inclusion because we believe people do their best work when they can be their genuine selves.


Relaxed and Productive Environment

Our office is a house located in the quiet Steveston neighbourhood in Richmond. We think this space is ideal for open communication and discussion, yet provides separate spaces for quiet independent thinking. Our work environment allows great work-life balance. Having tea around the table while sharing our thoughts on the daily news is an important part of our day. If you need to take a power nap during your lunch break, there are bedrooms on the second floor. The kitchen is also available to heat your lunch or prepare a simple light meal when needed.