GIGAFAST'S Investment Process Combines Top-Down And Bottom-Up Research

Top-Down Research

To define the investment universe and evaluate the opportunity

GIGAFAST’s Open Research Ecosystem allows for organized exchange of insights between the portfolio manager, investment analysts, and external sources. It enables a deeper understanding of enterprise culture and company vision. GIGAFAST’s team of analysts are specialized in cross-sector emerging industries in China, allowing us to anticipate multi-year value-chain transformations and market opportunities.
Identify Unicorn Companies
Sizing The Opportunity
Identify The Potential Universe

Bottom-Up Analysis

To refine the opportunity, identify companies, and manage portfolios

As part of its research process, GIGAFAST’s investment team uses a proprietary analytics system to evaluate stocks and to monitor the underlying investment thesis. New research insights, changes in conviction, and adjustments in company scores are discussed during meetings and inform GIGAFAST’s active portfolio management.
Stock Selection and Valuation
Make Evidence-Based, Data-Driven Decision
Portfolio And Risk Management
Adjust For Changes in Conviction and Trade Around Market Volatility